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Hello! :)

I'm new to all this. So if I make any mistakes in this post, I'm sorry in advance. And if you let me know, I'll try and fix the problem/s.

I have a small request, and I'd be very thankful for any help :)
The thing is, I have this artsclass-asignment, in which I have to choose a subject, write information about it and draw things that are related to it. I'm really exited about this and, of course, I've chosen HIM as my subject :D
Now to my point, I want to use quotes by each bandmember, but I can't seem to find anything by Migé :/ I know there are som interviews with him out there but I can't seem to find much. So if anyone knows about any possibly useful interview or anything, I'd be very thankful if you could link it or something.
Thanks in advance! :)

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There's a quote thread over at the boards [ ], and here are the few Mige ones I found while scanning the thread for you:

"Are we famous when we close our eyes?
- Migé

Ville: Jesus was the coolest rock´n roll star of all time...
Migé: He had a grungy style...

-Overheard during soundcheck...

Mige to Ville "Do you want to talk to me....about love?" Toronto 24/10/07

-“I'm not sure anymore what my image really is.” -Mige

-“You dont need to do your homework.” -Mige

-“I like men too.” -Mige

-Ville: A dark kiss, what is a dark kiss?
Migé: If you have black lipstick I suppose
Ville: Ah! Ok...
Migé: And you know what that means...

-Q:“What can you say about your friends in the band?”
Ville: Oh, well...everybody in the band...
Migé: sucks!

-"But he looks good, and that´s the only reason why he´s in the band." (Migé about Ville).

-[The answers of the band what they would do with their millions, german magazine RockHard 03/2000]: "Ville: Nothing special... Migè: An old chevrolet would be cool! Lily: Guitars! Juska: A girlfriend... Gas: I would buy one plane ticket to see an ice-hockey game of the Pittsburgh Pengiuns!"

-These are from the Rockline interview around the VD release:

"Caller #3: Hi. I was just wondering, Ville are you ever going to grow your hair back out like the original Wicked Games video? Your hair was so so beau- it still looks good, but it was just so gorgeous that long.

Ville: [long pause] Oh my god. I’m turning 31 –

Mige: Where have all the flowers gone?

V: Where have all the flowers gone? Thank you Mige, thank you so much Mige.

M: That is what she meant.

V: Yea well, what can I say?

Bob Coburn: She did say it looks good now.

M: Oh yea, she pegged it afterwards.

V: [Laughs] I’m trying to grow it back, but I guess some Rogaine would help.

Bob: The band on the show the previous week is called Red, and here’s their question for HIM.

Red: For HIM, I’m wondering how the transition overseas to the U.S was; how everything wasn’t all smooth as it was and it was playing for a new market?

M: Uh, fascinating.

V: Wow, they sound like politicians. Transition…well you know, we made enough money in Europe to be able to purchase business class tickets.

M: Yea, that’s good. You get a hot towel, and you put it on your face, and it makes you feel really special.


M: At least me personally.

B: And you don’t have to wait for the wine to come; they give it to you before the plane takes off.

M: Yea yea yea, it feels special.

V: For the first time in your life –

M: I’m special. I have a hot towel and wine."

Not sure if any of these would be what you're looking for, but at least it's something! ^.^ I'd suggest putting a request up in the quote thread, or the Mige thread [ ]; someone over there might have some more stuff that might help you out. :-)

Good luck with your project! ^.^

Ah, these are perfect! I think I'll use the first one, the one about his image and the one about homewroks :)
Thank you so much :)