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A request!

For my fellow Finnish fans, I'm one of the top two in the 69 Eyes music video contest. Voting ends tomorrow so if you could, log into your account, go here: and click LIKE. That's it! Even if you aren't a fan of these guys, I would REALLY REALLY APPRECIATE IT!!!

One of my pics from the 2010 Anaheim HIM show. :)

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The himcommunity has been hit with a lot of spam recently.
I've been made aware of it by vampfan30 which is a great way to fix the problem.

All spam has been deleted and reported to LiveJournal.
If any other issues arise please feel free to contact me.

Him vinyl for sale.

I don't know if anyone is interested but I have 3 different HIM vinyl's up for sale.
The Sacrament , Buried Alive by Love & Funeral of hearts , photos and prices are under the cut - it's best to email me as I'm not around here alot anymore so -
I have 100% feedback on ebay as well if you need to check :)

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Hi there!

I'm all new around here, so I figured that it would be polite to say hi. You'll hear more about me after I've found out how this Livejournal place works... But that's all, have a nice Monday, everyone!
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